Media: Photos and Videos

Below are videos and photos. Enjoy!

Video Clips

1. Anagama Construction, Pt 1
Includes the creation of the Society and the design and construction for the 'Anagama'.

2. Anagama Construction, Pt 2
Brian Harper discusses the Anagama design, construction and historical background. Brian played a lead role in this project.

3. Closing the Anagama / Preparing to Fire (Pt 3)
Final steps before the initial firing.

4. Don Reitz & Brian Harper Discussion (Pt 4)
Don Reitz and Brian Harper discuss the Anagama and answer questions from attendees of the inaugural lighting ceremony.

Photo Gallery

Click for a slide show:

2022 Kilns Loading, Firing and the Woodstoke Fest Opening.

2021 Kilns Loading, Firing and Woodstoke opening

2019 Masayoshi Shimizu visit, Kilns Loading, Firing and Woodstoke opening

2017 Alchemy Premire & Opening of the GCKW kilns

2016 ECCC Photo Contest

2014 Opening of the GCKW kilns

2008 Anagama Firing Gallery

2005 Anagama Construction Photos Gallery