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Location: Gulf Coast Kiln Walk site in Holley, Navarre, FL.

Chris Gustin Reception Talk Slideshow
Thursday 5:PM Feb. 8 at PSC

The 19th WoodStoke Fest is Sat. Feb. 10, 2024 !

The Kilns have fired and are cooling!

Chris Gustin
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Gulf Coast Kiln Walk has built 2 world-class kilns as originally planned in the founding project purpose and now plans to enhance the educational support infrastructure with a new facility that will provide a work space for members, area potters and ceramicists and others. It will also provide Studio and Gallery space devoted to serving the ceramic arts. Please read our latest Society Newsletter, (November 2023) (click).

The Woodstoke Festival is a free and very popular public event, usually held yearly. Pots from the two very large kilns are unloaded and available for viewing and purchase. Attendees are welcome to help unload the two historical kilns, the Anagama & the Ralph H. Phillips Groundhog Kiln. Videos and Slide shows of the construction, firings and WoodStoke Festival unloadings are on this page. Click here to download a poster of the Sat. Feb. 10 WoodStoke Fest for your favorite wall !

Chris Gustin
Featured artist for the
17th, 18th and 19th Annual Firings and WoodStoke Festivals was, and is Chris Gustin, professor Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Chris will be returning for the 2024 kilns firing and for the 19th WoodStoke Festival! Please read more about Mr. Gustin on this page (click).

  Reception Details
 - Lecture w/ Slides
 - 5:PM Feb. 8 2024
   Lamar Studio Glry
   Anna Lamar Switzer Ctr  
There will be an exhibition of Chris' work at Pensacola State College during January and February 2024. There will be an opening reception with a lecture and slideshow on Feb. 8. at 5:PM at PSC, Pensacola State College. There will also be a workshop at Gulf Coast Kiln Walk in Navarre during the loading and firing of the Anagama kiln.

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